brainless animal, TATANKA Edit

That this was hell, we live in. I'm using an alias by now it's Simba, who's using the alias, and that one's lion and whatever you say, that wasn't something, I can't be.

Or am not. That this was gone into knowing me more, this wasn't gone, but human to tell, do you know what they call, 'domestic cattle' now? That this was gone before these worlds into knowing it more about these worlds, nazi torture into an already, braindead species not, but live worlds on into knowing more, where do you find all the, braindeads who don't defend their young, to take and experiment on, or surely, keep practice don't let them outnumber? Don't let them grow, and know that you need to know how to kill and that means, digest also, so surely there, because there among, without the herd lions put them in, they would, hide all evil that ever was, out in the wild, and there was hell to Anything you name! So be hoove of yours, or lie, they are among, they never went, rogue, they are herded still, and "I don't need to down.." might be said, when you kick one out, get the braindead away from your society, this room, that office, and that's from, upset, for an idiot zebra, kneck back, reared, that's upset, that's getting high, upset, okay, "I don't need to down," I wasn't out of line, place, existence, out ways, something to get away from, we can All be here, together, close bodies in, for anything, it's safer here,


some Rogue Edit

Like stripes can be cool, if you're, arazy cray, and there a runner, a life horse, or then along, zebra can be a kind of horse and horses don't herd, they can make fields stay. And drink by the bay like they're playing with anyone all day, and zebra as, they can stay. Why? I don't know, why are pandas different? The same, geometric patterns, of every offspring, all of them? They grow that? Dalmations don't do that, what is happening? What is a sunbear?

Everything else called bear is camoflauged. They are too? And sunrays on their chest they're bathing, and it looks cool still, what happens when animals raise other animals? Do you know, what happens to a boar pig, from a farm released into the wild? The grow, large dusks develop like having sex with their friends living in filth meant, no tusk, no fur, but they have them, spots even, don't look the same, dig for truffles, excercize your nose like that mushrooms make you do, and they don't, flex their ears? Keep getting bigger? big to what? an elephant? which one?

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