VIOLET tu YELLOW was ICARUS born, son of SHENLONG and PRINCESS MONONOKE the empress of beasts, so wonder who were first 7, set to be 9, beast dragons, born true, imperial heritage. For these in a part of where they never are, for that this could be TRUNKS

and was, and this best friend of GOHAN, so know this was god's favorite, PEGASUS, or named, the ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL, ISRAEL's best friend, but that there was more, about you apart aside, a god of love, of SEX, of these worlds, shared that you could come well with them, and it could do well to note that the modern avatar Jeffrey Bowers is called AVATAR SPYRO and he is a dragon of this design, venture life, well in told, who Are you, and what are you sent here for?