A weapon of ultimate heritage. That you could change your pulse, by its light, would you know this was the calling of the reptile and so reptile you name yourself, and be sure of what was fear, and that was this; pulse. Your own quickening. What you, do, in these to reaction, for what is, and where you'd need to know.

Snakes, Edit

Snakes? Are reptiles? Really when, no when did they find out? They even, know that for a million reptiles we call them satan, and snake, and reptile is cool sounds cool and means something real that an iguana even stil, is not, but there was an alligator lizard, and that was barely not an iguana, not really though, but yeah actually, but who to tell you who you are, that an iguana was a breed of sociopath, and manages to keep you well informed of heaven while it exists here? They hide from the sun, or they would break their bones in it, they are cold mountain lizards, and not lizards at all, but traul fick. When did snakes stop getting their legs bit off so often they can grow some are they good now, did they turn good, so that doesn't happen? Because we thought, since it does, they were evil, and that's why they look, evil. Your personal, bedroom door, and an iguana shows up right there you're happy about it? That's, intriguing, cool, exciting? A deer you should kill it it's probably a jakovisaur but an iguana, is that also. It isn't, but really, obviously you don't know, it sounds fucking awful. Monster though. Monsters if snakes got legs and spines you think? iguana suck. They are monsters. Where did you come from? Is it true?

What's a gecko lizard to you?