Sungod(canid animal breed) Edit

Sungod breed information

of course it's on the zodiac it's an animal

How could that be true, that you weren't on the zodiac as you? This is a ram, or they called it a chowchow, okay, we're gunna say mountain goat, and it IS a reptile, it's like an eagle, makes a pretty good one

But you don't know what he was going for when he thought dog, there's a lot to it. Where do you stand, with the pokémon you know being so strange and fond of each other? There's a world war on, you know, and the eagle himself, the norse know, or egyptians in brazil call ra, or eagle, has this animal a sungod, as the symbol, but that's a younger kind of a reptile, you might be a basiliskhound instead, or currently typing? I don't know, what kind of pokémon are you? I said dog breed but sungod seems like it's up for debate. It's not though. That I said it.

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