you have to keep it a secret before you sell Edit

that's the only way those copywriting principles work, what you're selling has to be bran new, if it's tracked by servers commmercial bodies for now, are mafiaing out to ignore, unlike this wikia, unlike deviantart,

those are waiting criminal prosecutions for creature theft, but that blackrockheadphones

published story after story well after he'd published the entire set up for The Force Awakens, with character design called Ara, for Rey, no COMPLETELY,

did Disney change their story directions for their next debaccle as they lost, all the material that wasn't theirs, and covered up communication channels saying they had leaks but you LOSE leaks, blackrockheadphones

published first, for free, so the concepts are his, and that was copywrite theft they committed, defamation in wildest regard, and 9trillion dollar lawsuit

you got, one sallary..

this was asking for 1900 decillion dollars as the opening suit. there we are facing actual disney, and watch as damages done come uncovered. STAR WARS is stolen,

and George Lucas is dead, what's real? Individual stories distributed for free are copywrited by their authors that's publishing, you'd have to copy it to write it yourself

that's, THEFT.