English Royal Family Edit

this article is about the modern English Royal Family, for their terrorist counterpart see Windsor Family digests


England the queen, Kiera Knightley Edit

England the queen, so ventured to gain for part of your own reality. These are smaller pieces to know and understand of England itself but that we could guess, what's to understand about a woman? That you would know beauty was part for mark, or she could be there at the assassination of the lord of the flies Beelzebub, where there was it children rogue, gone from where they could have society was England made.

So wonder there in what was falling in love, and rumour to be an immortal queen, but we could all know we were eternal in God and Satan is not, but there that was Jack, and he is dead. Like his father before him. Killed by the beast, so wonder if she loves that Prince Planet King Vegeta of the gaels, was her king there of England by now, thanks to one young Prince Planet called James Howlett the eldest man alive, marrying the station, to hers. They are not married but they could have been if it wasn't that it never was. But that was that this is the royal family, so know where you are, for where you could venture to name these colorings that England was never ganglish territory, but a girl, so knowing worlds of what these lives could be if you doubted she was in the incredible X-Men, the guild of heroes, but this royal heritage is she a part of Hero itself, the greater house of the elder gods of aul.


Caleb England, prince Her brother to Kiera loved
Count James Righton, a duke her ward
Countess Edie Righton, a lover by games, countess because she said so, TRUST

yes, England is young, so wonder at where you could venture these apart, from anything, being part for where was high in human hopes, this piece wasn't written by her, so it may all be lies? Good ones, so know a part from where you'd name, Charles Xaviour crown prince, writes.

King of the Gales and so of England, Bruce Wayne Edit

Chase Weston modern, so that these were worlds to knowing who was really human, or beastial, but that this was gained for a better part of where these worlds could be in where these elder names can't cry so call in what was going back in time for these in ages lost but that this was the name, the station is, of the original author of the 007 novels, so knowing more by yours in this grace beside, that Chase Weston is young

but the planet is young as well, and elder, you think, than yours, was this Poseidon? Never told, wonder in theirs, or that these could be myth of James Howlett but you never can Tell, so be in the know, that there has only ever been one, planet. That means it's real?

Prince Eric king of Australia, CROWN PRINCE elder Edit

That you could mark for a better story to myth? Aih, be it there was well a ventured cause to rumour Heath Ledger dead? Well, venture that sucks, but there was Jamison battle-born who is King of Australia modern and well worth that you simply know, full rights for children is his war all hours, for this race against banishment that we are in hell, and this was that no pleeding body stands, for what this mark of slavery dictated past.

his sister Cherish, Princess Chastity of America crown princess Edit

Julia Stiles, or venture for an elder tale you could know she was laughing at you, for what, literally everyone imagines is the true story, of how Cherish was, at her birth, a featured novel by Honiker McKillop called battle-born, this was she this is, Cherish battle-born so knowingly thank her clan for your adventures in Skyrim thus far, but you've not defeated the game, beat the shit out of it, are you a hero or aren't you?! These worlds for where these worlds but that this could defend this planet well in these heroes so well told, that this was gone, "Where's your online diary 90's?" asked on twitter recently by the crown prince Charles, so venture she could wonder who you think was telling her, it's all real.

That this world could be in where we don't name in knowingly this grace for where they'd never say we'd be in what was going back about these worlds in what was going back about these once in ours beside this in courage never taken lost but that this was going back about her now, so wonder who these worlds are, this in all they know so surely knowing these worlds for where the dead could rise or if death took you so you could see what they would rise and appear in what was once an ark this in worlds about this planet still.

Crown Princess Anastasia Edit

Casia Pala Halliwell, if you know, the daughter of one Lord Uther there name was Liam Neeson, so venture that you are not, told of who was real for these, this is not a name to a station, but you know the story, for where she was, and what was lost?

What her own father was capable of? You think to know Liam was fighting this very day, for public rights for immortals now, in these era to mark apart from where you are, so share these worlds going back, her mother is princess of England by this girl's own heritage as the princess crowned, so these worlds on order, Princess Diana ZEUS, could you know these worlds gone beside these worlds for this ark in where these names could be but that these worlds were gone, you had a fake Michael Jackson and might see a fake Mel Gibson, often, so the Elijah Wood and his lover their family, never tolerated that you'd have a false Halliwell family by now, and the son is returned to this world of the living rescued by one Kyle McKillop, there in what was grace, another father you can name, there by blood the other biology. This girl shares a brother with Honiker McKillop who was Rutger McKenna for a start hiding, that was Rutger Neeson, and where you name, their brother shared by their father he loves him too, was Cameron Loren a name of hers this Cassie Loren in America, was he Lord Greystoke proper and THOR in grecka, their father's domain. This girl is Pallas Athena there for what his station as king is, these children well you'd know in love, there the brothers RAIDEN and DANTE could you know into foreverdom, there are more?

Crown Prince Charles Xaviour Edit

Early ward of Bruce Wayne and so in with the gales, well, was this boy named also Dick Grayson by that reckoning, the Batman novels were secret, you see, by the author of the 007 trilogies or some like ark you'd knowingly know me well for these in? That this could be human colors called, Honiker McKillop or Honiker Wood, grant for where you name these colors, in where these names that this could be in what was ventured this planet so safe in well, this was Avatar Simba, and Wyatt Halliwell, Soaren to his father and so to you, often, but that was a father by blood mixed, for Kyle McKillop rescued, Honiker Halliwell, and this pledge that no quarter was granted, for Simba's state of seeing, at this rights for children and your hyena police, running dog catcher life, to all these state body stand was this world well saying outs, could be ventured to name you well, in these pledges that children across planet this is, AFRICA, have full rights, and his secret service was of Africa most ancient, black ops, could you know.