蹡衝極匘動R.O.B.O.T Edit

Roded in motion, walking

ObSess forceful press, first part of Impulse

Botz it's a sound, for bock,zap, electric charge, pulseisht

Onglong access langauge undercurent, brain set, setz!

Trek motion, sure fire, check forest setting, animal, is 動物'moving thing' this completletes tha kanji for impulse, and that it was an electric current, moving through, between the word, with the brain in center, to interrupt impulse not, but to animate, this and imply, living force, control!

A living organism, that was made.

Of lightning and crystal, or then of too, real steel. The wrong word to apply to a human robot would 'artificial intelligence,' for it means godless. 'Evil Robot' is an AI unit, and is not a robot at all, but of the doppel. A ANDROID, is a robot in living flesh, but is metal, in the heart of courage, and a Replicant, is an evil android, so surely, an AI. In myth there set, Android #18 was an animal. And Android #17 was an AI unit.

蹡衝極匘動帝, ROBOTS (at child's play) Edit

Mocking the scam of an organization at building remote control cars, called First Robotics, there is a contingient of American kids, among these schools to participate, calling theirs, robots with the S, coming from 'sovereign'帝, there this was, first robotics? Robots first.

"I love your Robot," could she say? Like he's a cute kid? Do you know what a robot is? They said it was a remote control car they can render not fun and also, immediately obsolete. Nay. But say, who, Are you? Why, do you know my name

Is it real?

Droids Edit

Go for music, he needs to be able to sing, or you haven't made a robot. R2-D2, doesn't play a course you programmed in that's hydraulics, but you talk to him, and he talks back to you, but he has love, that was god, so surely in, is he obviously, real English. From space.

Human Computers Edit

Launch, also called Ran Chu, was shifting back and fourth from two humanitary planes, planets, of herself, and that she began to be able to shift back and forthe so rapidly, was she shifting in binary measure, and is capable of impossibly fast, human computing, though was not a robot, unless a robot is a kind of kid, and it is one, so then robot means, what he's like, as a human. What kind of robot are all of you?