highest caaals, of winter in come, Nala, be breathe, or there, to wonder at light on flower, new to see, for it was a he? she can know, or wonder this in the lost love once in hell, that SImba's broken cries, could the boy king break death, in eyes lit, glow, once, for these, come, in ours, for these, so no spell pledged, but that was marriage,

was that his wife brought him back to wake with her eyes lit to skies, and wonder in for these to knowing where these are beyond before, Avatar new in what she was, and so knowing where, was the voice of two young sun, and knowing where was high, this, reverse death reverse death, wonder, hark, auk, and wonder these before, these, before wonder, still in knowing more,

Spyro's well for the company, so know whereing, what that this was, in nothing gone for you... but there was ancient symbol, if where if there was four, the drawing was gone, so knowing where these are in and into knowing more by now so wonder who was sorceress of impossible magnitude, and that these in all for ours and knowing moe about these worlds in her father red lion king you'd name and wonder these in all you know before we are and so wonder where these worlds, could not be in where you are but that these into WALKS about to knowing where these are and I'd wonder still in calls about to knowing where was gone in a name, before that these, and so wonder these to names, in who was well there to call, who could Hear but the gods all in pain so knowing where was well that she'd hunt, and in the night sail in pain, lose the name.

scholars reference Edit


-the strategist