懷懐獬POKéMON! (pocket monsters?) Edit

Well yeah but it's one word! 懷po 懐ké 獬mon! With the stitch over the e in pokemon like you made it that way!

See they're these glorious monsters called pokémon that you can keep hope close at your side, with pokémon carrying mystical orbs called 懷懐球pokéballs! That's even got the kanji symbol 玉 in the kanji 球, the gem, the child, right? Is IN the pokéball!

They have mystical kung fu magic, and it's all centered around usually, this kid called Pikachu

or even her friends Hex and Mew!

lots of live animals with magic in YOUR world you'd call pokémon actually come from the digital world like porygon kinda once did used to cyber something, so they're also called DIGIMON too!

If any of the pokémon you're training on your Gameboy MAX(3ds some places) become real animals, they'd be digimon too!