American names.. Edit

That we died, when you were gone, or lost there in it of, he saw his sister killed, and you know he was dead for it, and changed anyway, was it not Smiles A Lot but that that fate never befell him pleasurally? Are you mad, or are you dead, that this was no file we build on America, but that the word meant land of the free, and so you are freely native, which means life intu, breathing through, walking on but there were vines to step around, and roots to surf under and live around for. This was a name you know, in where that you breathe, but that you could ask an English village woman in Africa, if she was American, and she could tell you well, "Of course..." even, in an English accent. It meant that she loved freedom, so know what you are into a planet for these part of it, and know well who we are to name, in these. That there was a boy named America, once, and he was a sovereign you know never at all, but Myth, also, and there that you have him called Tigerlilly usually not, actually not at all, that he's called that, but California, and Israel, and Gohan of his own name, maybe rumoured that the Japanese baby emperor Son Gohan, was descent of this rogue scholar or the boy himself, who could fly and was a protector of nameless children, as there such, long young on, the god of children will not give you files on them, so know his way, and if you set to coral them, he could with a long knife on his belt, "Who's children are you?" "They're mine," sayd the boy, and he could kill you with his eyes or laser eye blasts, or a knife, that he had, for a while. He flies, so be safe to say "We are children of Israel," in there, or at the very least, "We are friends with Superman." Not less than, to say the least, that one works for clarity, you know?

But back to a story, you called one Smiles a Lot, but he left, he's dead, and if you spoke that name, he cannot return to it anyway, you needed it for newborn infant, and you did not think that one was one you knew, or he would not, be dead. He will turn over in his grave, away from the village, and never return, till the name is dead, and can follow him into his afterlife. He was walking around though, I will clarify that one.

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