one of 'Most Dangerous Witches alive' Edit


suspected MARY SANDERSON 'wonder and worry', do not ignore possible danger

MARY SANDERSON, or there was that

well I can tell you my tutor was saying, THIS is who this is, of the witch rumoured about in the film Hocus Pocus, but the real one, he said, IS Dulcinea Meyers-Newcomb, and so okay, we don't know if it's true that she is; a witch a lot of powers who's flown on a vaccuum. But there you go,

he knew her at a school, that's Bambi,

he's not rumoured to be Anyone evil.. ==> she doesn't know

how to do that... Doesn't know the difference? This would be sattire, but this is no setting of any crime that wouldn't be, but what you think witchcraft is, would be there, to danger beyond your wildest regard, that was a salem myth trial,

I'm, a kid called Salem, and I think she's ievlel...

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