(battle toads or double dragon, better than both) did I say that? I meant better than turtles in time, swords on your back when you get 'em, or you have them? well okay, every other kid here in the list is a dragon though, so they have dragon forms, and swords

Honiker (blonde kid, royark, pit, SImba)
Chase (a younger one, Gillian is his name too)
Cinderella (some chick called Brieanne, like a bad ass bitch, or something) or Something
Jennifer (bad ass, chick in darker jeans, you know) carmen cortez or something
Chase (like hecktor or something)
Jake (a little kid about younger chase's size... yeah I know...)
Johnny (teen older brother to Jeffrey, blonde, casper love world skin, CASPER

(he's spyro, but like alphons elric) definitely has a sword, violet hair when he changes back, find the capsule jacket, it only fits?

Keenan (chris halliwell or something, but like a, real one)
Sakura ('s a dog... but she's a dragon)
Casia Pala (anastasia, little girl love of Honiker) his sister, they're both kinda little girls
Kristen (blonde, totally a chick, light light hair, but definitely blond)
Antonio (ortega he's, kool, wanted, loving, happy) maybe Aximili esgarouth isthill, but Antonio
Jacob (browner skin kinda, whatever heritage, this one's Shenlong)
Ariel (you can just make her look like ariel, in a dark jean jacket or something, not blue) maybe
Tommy (model him after tommy knight, it's dragonite though) no the real one
Pasha (like duh, yo, you know?
Emris (kinda looks like Jacob, but like not so ridiculous and FAKe asian)
Kimberly (hart or something)
Stranger (it looks like a luck dragon) kingdra or shadowfax, mythos, but like Johnny Depp, her dad
SAKURA has like auhm, speed on mode? nor, not at all, you need all

the moves, so HOW in the world do you not have a sword SAKURA? she's a dog,

but she can fuck people up as renamon, but then like dragon down and she's a quadrauped dragon... the other kids are standing dragons you know? except the stranger he's like a trippy wolf thing like she

is, but not, I mean, it's a wolf dragon, and she's a freaky cool yellow dragon,

shenlong's dragon man mode, JACOB I mean, so you dare? the stranger's sword on his back is at rest while he's a dragonwolf, okay, but see it, and maybe not the clothes,

the rest should have to wear swords, all but Sakura, who has two forms, and a 4rd,

Oh, fuck everyone up and pick up weapons like in Super Battle Toads,

but you have a sword on your back to drop your weapon and use instead...

there is NO way to turn on friendly fire