store shelves meant CENSORED, GO! Edit

Cutrmin (Cut Man)
Gutsman (he's called Gust Man but lies) doesn't break, is defeated and bombs go off)
8. Bombor (unlocked stage after you defeat Gutsman, no other selection, they're grayed) second stage is a Gutsman level, different worldszing, bombs going off, rescue

Mega Man and finish the Wiley Boss, which is weak against elektricity, freezes Gust Man solid

Isikiel (Ice Man thing)
Torch Man (maunster)
Zap Di the nefarious paralax (elecman)count zap, ti
Magneto (air man) vaccuum freak, paralyzes you to pull you through, he sucks, get away the pull through hurts too
Bubblinzun (bubble man)
Bubble Man/Cut Man
Gutsman/ Isikiel
Torch Man / Shieldwave (bubble man win)
Zap Di/ Gutsman win, rock currents
Magneto/ Bomb
Bubblinzin/ Wind Turbine (ridiculously easy if you have that, funny)
Bombor/ Fire

then 8 stage mini play throughs, sub boss some at end of each till 8 and you fight Napalm Man

Quickai (quick man)

"I will take you on, if it is your Wish." "What the, Hell?" "Roll" "Shut Up, Mega Man" THO! "Do you think, I won't win." FUck she's cool. (defeat him and he runs, then,) GAME START!

Aknaton the Phareoa man
Kashin dull man
Count Zap (elecman again)
Bubblinzin 2 (no it's annoying, same one, different works)
Napalm Man
sung well? VLblue bombs, VLiiredchargeshot, Liwall grab, iVundrsht, Liidoppler dash, VLidouble jump, Vsuper strength, Lpunch

(show on start screen) guide, his powers


Quickai / blacklightsuit (just stuns him, he takes forEver!) stun him and switch powers while he's blinking! it's a new Game though

Aknaton / crash suit

Kashin dull man/ heatgutsstyle

Flashlightr / napalm suit

Heatim / water suit

Count Zap(don't use water suit) /egypt suit

Bubblinzin 2 / quicksuit

Napalm Man/ shock shot

after 4 robot masters down, Air Man (magneto reappears and you board an airship to fight him, flying on Rush but he doesn't fight) just see hi

then you fight 4 more, rush picks you up wherever you are at the end of your 4th fight, for Air Man's shipingk that's when you see King Man, who made the ship and has a sky castle above, escapes..

robot masters are still on the ground, "I know you're pissed Off Mega Man, se" "I'm getting back to the ground, Roll" "If you think that's okay... do you want the Ship?" "No!" ".... oKay..." "this is, pointless..." "why, what did you do?" "glider,.. suit... I'm thinking..."

'looks like I need some new technology for this to Work then..' if you haven't beat Kashin dull man

combine with air back jets, to crash into ceilings or jet off and crash to the ground if the sky is open


King Man's sky castle,

stupid fights, 7 enemies

then pharoea man again, what the Fuck? and then King Man


Woodlungzon is awakened somewhere with enemies at beginning cut scene, "No good!" "Better You, than me..." "Come on... let's Kill someone..."


"Mega Man! somneone" "I KNOW THAT!"

"Why are you here!" ..... "You're Not my enemy!" this, around.. "So?"

"why is..." "I don't know what you're doing to him.." around "he's scared of the city..." "you're What?" "that's neat, robots that talk like people. how Alien." there, gesture, "don't you have another one?" he ran.. "oh he Will, Damn Forte.. you kick ass..." "you're gunna chase him..." "we're Both gunna chase him..." "why..." "he'll be so scared, he'll never pick up a gun again..."

I'll program later.. Proto Man

and Mega Man game

then like, yeah, i'll get to it Edit

then like, did you know they go back in time? after that place is destroyed, after the invention of swords.. they've lived, millions of eons more, after Autobot city it's what it was called! was destroyed, back in, before it was, with more friends,

but that's, oh you have to, kill things in Final Fatality, so tehy're dead even back in time, so like go back, fight, Crash Man again? that one died the first time, just kidding, he's alive right now.. Ruroni Kenshin... but like so go kick his ass back in time, yeah it WORKS

that's MEGA MAN 1 2, power fighters

to STart

it's got a fighting game, and then like, it's like a Sonic game everyone can play, Sonic, Shadow.. shadow's gay friend, Amy.. what if they were married? not the gay, FOCUS, stupid, fucking why? would you say that? shadow doesn't keep friends,