can't immagine abuse, satyr, Edit


So for where you knew anything, that there were perverted drunken recluse about that's what you can understand for a cornish or

polymouth pixie, and that was these called koopa troopas, so knowing what was going back, in hex, that children don't work, for in labor, they kill and run away, so understanding what's gone on, you either have slaves in chains, or your child labor kids are koopa troopas, child doppelganger breaks the word the word is sattire, because what the FUCk were you looking at?

If real kids beat them up, they have to send them running too, they'll take the beating and lay there

stomp? they'll also attack people on their way out running, cuz kids are so impressionable to be trained in violence and don't know better, it's how we ARE


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