Oh shit fuck, Egypt, "Hi, what,d.. what did you do?" Edit

That this was more to knowing it out to telling what was good to know, so surely there wasn't better places there for Egypt rising there against it all but nobody was going to tell you they never didn't think it'd be better to be what we are into knowing this into knowing more about what was gone into my knowing there to telling, this was better at the killin' a de shark, and there the killin' serpent man, sure about et, this was better even aun, so like this was Jawaii for the dancer and the bard there aun aun to caum, they befaur in all they say about it beitter ever even to knowing theys before this was gone, this was beitter this into my knowing this was gone,

JAMAICA, by light of day! By night, are we Egypt alive, and Jamaica probably that's just the daytime name... By now... except on the beaches, obviously. But this was gone into it knowing more about that this was better to knowin' it out to tell about me ever on into knowing more about who you say to say to say you are

why we kill sharks Edit

You are an asshole, Steven Spielberg. That is a man, who made it famous, if not, you would not know about them, sharks, so when you see them, you would kill them, for what they look like; a monster. If angler fish starting to come up into higher waters, in the surf, we would kill them all. That is in God; that we do that. Sharks, are not of God. That's duh. They would low, life on gone, but they so say, where do you play?

why we smoke Edit

... .. ........ ...... . ........ . ..?

Africa Across the Bay Edit

That Simba was Ramses they know, that he is alive, they say not, but risen, surely, the born twice lord, or theyn in long ways, that this was he is a king of Africa, and that he would raise Egypt this life, or channel it, of them? He and his queen his dancer, are egypt, so know there that this was, at least to know that Jamaica will forever be, Jawaii, and, a part of Africa, for good.

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