the skinwalker plague Edit

A plague. Homosapiens is latin scripture it means 'we who in our wisdom are all the same,' those 'wisely the same,' become like us? Nor there along, that this was the voice of the sheep clothing, for monstra, but there was nothing that you could be in all God, that was not an animal, but there you name monsters human kind and woman kind and man kind, and you cannot choose your kindred, and your sex, that it was in woman kind, or of man kind. You must know humans, and even more, kindred, among those.

homosexuality a sin Edit

The homogenization of sex. Declare one boy, the same sex, which is a sacred identity to him, and an element, the same sex as the other, and this was sin

male sexualities, FUCKING Edit

Whether be with females or other males male sex is called fucking, and no amount of not fucking does not involve, thinking often, all the time, about the potential to know this in a fuck, and girls certainly don't have fuck, to what they do, without a boy, so know that your romances with males as a male, were not alternative, you are very obviously equipped, to fuck them

so long as you never take a gay regarding into your personality with them, this was a heterosexual pursuit, so beware the faggot, and fuck well, fuck, well

boys don't forget they need to be fucking, to have, sex, so who were you going to talk to first, when you can't focus, or even see the sex in the air from

female sexualities, kindred Edit

There was something to be remembered about the idea that they could have passionate sex of a million years and never meet, a boy, so surely there on the meeting of one could one such girl be fucked, and this was God, surely, she would name him, and live that you are, I have no idea, what girls are doing, because getting to want to be fucking, it's confusing, that you think, I won't just tell you that, but there that they could have a different flower to breathe, in this knowing of pussy, which was what you wanted, in male or female sexualities, and for some boys vagina is good pussy too, even when girls say the things they do

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