Danny Phantom Edit

Remember how in the movie Stargate it was obviously Michael Shanks but that was way after he'd ascended in real life and returned so was therefore an istarì already or something but then you had how like he was

working on the 'Watergate' project in real life as any alias he wanted so they couldn't take him off the project he was Michael or whomever any time and his power was his own but then some nefarious villain and enemy of Danny Phantom's later on, called Blacklist decided he was going to steal the abandoned alias like that evil Nicci chick did to Brook Shield's own name she was forced to abandon for danger after Reese Witherspoon saved her life? Yeah, so like there's a story of an ascended ghost who can't seem to come back to life like, I mean Danial the Michael Shanks kid is alive, still, and even he's married to a girl who likes some other kids who are pretty cool but that's a chick who's called an Atharaqua, like Sk'ara who's Noah Hathaway but someone doppele'd his name too but he can look at you and say "No I had the wAy..." like an eternal youth there, a seer, what way could we ever fucking mean anyhow?

So liking there, it was important for you to think Danny wasn't just some kid with all the normal ghost powers, but has to be heroing and fighting like mad just to make the earth a place he can stand exists. 'That god is my weapon' is what the name means, so you have to work that one out for a while to figure out how he's okay or something you know?

These listen below are the new Ghost X pepsi generation powers designed for a kid called Danial, somewhere at some point who can whiten his hair and make his eyes glow, at some point after the statick boom happen exists, you know a boom baby, but like the kid in the picture here above is called Dick because his name's Danial to certain people but there's plenty of them that one just happens to be Ramzes you know?


Ghost X que elements design
Microscopic vision green and black light danny
Cry Song break enemy hold on daughters the holy ghost
Youngblood feul rage in sureblooded children god of rage
Scream South call pirates, those against the current world leader, adept
Lion Roar dead boys are lions, girls are shinobi Simba Halliwell
what if you guys had a lion?

Ghost Shout

whay more movie climaxes

quickening of the heart rate, incite whispers with beliefe in the undead, wake vampires, sync time

that was fucking epic

walk through walls, everyone knows ghosts walk through walls

how old is he? become another person god of rage
inhibit mettle no inhibit metal the holy ghost
silver eyes see silver, vision fla twin goddesses reflect
silver song show silver lines, to everyone reflect goddess reflect
Sonic's Shout bring thoughts back in time sonic the hedgehog
Sonix Fury relentless hacking, forgetting sonic the hedgehog
Shadow Song bring in the darkcell shadings, or bring the night mercutio
Call for Dogs

(dog catcher alert)

cry out for the last tough dog you met hecktor, some seel
Scatter Shout send hyenas running Simba Halliwell and the holy ghost, Mufasa too so Simba
Dracula Walk stick to walls the holy ghost, Spider-Man
Spider Webs vanish spiderwebs, or spiders in them sonic the hedgehog
Ghost Breath get cold, misty breath when phantoms r near danny
Composer's Ghost speak in lymrick, sing symphony onto the air Simba Halliwell
Kin CryY! baby cry, call your sister, or brother persephone
Ghost Walk cast shadows, appear differently tu dif ppl the holy ghost and mercutio
Zelda's Lullaby get woken up when danger approaches Zelda Halliwell
Historical Echo Location bring that place to this one, shout with echoes of the past "you will not Take her from Me!"
Odd Ball ghost around and meet your own ends, find Anton Yelchin
Talisman Dedication walk through the living worlds of a myst. artfct mr incredible
Solar Dedication grow wings in the sun Simba Halliwell
ani mal become an animal in the moonlight Tigra
Time Freeze become very cold when a powerful atfct is nearer danny
Velocity enter slip streams of awareness inyourdreams Alex Anderson
Chaser Powers get high on chase, and follow to learn more powers, breathing Alex Anderson and GENGAR
GHOST KEY don't be fooled that time was not space, key 2 an artifact totm Sora
SKELETON KI open locks with any item, flood night into day, 'Song of Passing' Jack Skelington
THEFT BUG see the spiralings in coins, current location Kimberly Hart
Salem Yowl(cats) an unaltered caller beacon to summon night cats to you Simba Halliwell and danny

the picture.. it's vanished...