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SnarkFujiShiro; a 'great white' is a name for a shark, which is to say, a monster, of the kkk, that they snark at you, like this was anything but a land shark device, you should know Jabberjaw was a racist cartoon? It was, about torturing you, it's an evil monster, that's a kkk character, Jabberjaw is. Finger snapping, for applause alone, that's,

no to provide accolades, it's a subterfugic device, that you'd think applause earned was warranted, but need be quiet, and if forced to do it you're telling who, to be quiet? What was the appoint of roaring ovation?(did you know it colors your skin? they're all enemies at those meetings, the ones others are being designed after, or forced on to you from?)

also be on the lookout for anyone talking like Jo Kido, it's Starscream, though the name may be Megatron, like it was in the movie Shia Labeauf fucked up for everyone. By saying that. "One shall stAnd, one shall fall." As in, you, live alone, you, are evil, One, the one, you think you are, you're standing now, you will fall. One shall stand, then one shall fall, but there alaun, that's Starscream's ultimate ambition is to BE Megatron, and never keep a servant, because keeping one is what he knows, killed Megatron, it was him. Then he played Starscream in the next movie, and served the Fallen, like a sick.

common aliases are common groundings for warnings about monsters, you never needed to be warned when another person used your first name on a website it never meant it was you, in real life, duh, always duh, no one has to know, what that was, that stole a name, but those names are evil to start. Anyone carrying the name visser, thinks it's just, like what you do, when you say, Superman. I can't find a website where that name isn't already taken, thank god for steam, I'll be right back, wait, no I won't, bye though.

-blackrockheadphones yes, the only one

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little known fact, to idiots


people online often think you're only allowed to have one email, and have to use the same username on every device, when you talk about it, because otherwise you're not being honest. that's something monsters do, they have another name, they think it's impossible for you to not be admitting you're evil, to say you do.


common fact, 'secret love meeting' is a

sentence used to tell you about where they teach little monsters, bullies at school, how to show affection, like snarking, because it's an easier sound to make than laughter like on the cartoon, you know? kids love cartoons about MONSTERS?! No.