Vlad the Impaler Edit

"No, I'll stay..." "Are you mad?" "I'm excommunicated, and they don't know..."


that can't be real he'd be a... "what are you saying?" "They'd Come for me, but for him." That this wasn't gone, and who in your tell, this in my know, but who to be so surely there to tell what wasn't gone, this world into knowing what wasn't gone into knowing it out to be told but where that we are and this wasn't gone, "Van, Hellsing?"

"Idiot." "You think, it was not,

behooven, to, make sure, they called my name?"

That this into knowing it on, into knowing before that this wasn't there to tell what wasn't gone into knowing me better in before it was all into wherever you'd name, "And the Woman?" "A girl, or surely, yes, you think her more, bosom, than I know what to do without carnage for?

Carnage to whom? Is it Her?" That this wasn't gone into knowing me better, bitter, for these worlds, "Bitter?" "Why?"

"I'd choose to be here, but it isn't safe?" "It's ghastly out there.." "Yes, it is. And nice, in here. My yard keeps it that way.."

Alucard Edit

Shhh... who are you?

I'm afraid.. I can see, why?

Then Why are you here? Ah, vampire, you think to become, or are so already? Wait, how else, could I call you, what you'd name, police girl? "Who?" what? I don't understand where is this... the church, what's been happening? How can I not remember? "She's caught in a vortex, it seems, your servant." "I can keep such a thing?" "A vortex?" "How evil Are you?"

"She's police." "Not anymore." "You answer to Me, that's not my issue, she's dead to the world." "She cannot make love? ah, police, you said so already.. girl though, strange that I call her that. One seems, to need you, killing the other, and hiding, the girl all along..."

Why, are you doing this? "It is called a ringu, not a vortex, idiot. And no, she is not trapped, by my whirlpool, you, need a ringu placed upon you, Phantomhive,

yes I see, why are here. You think me bargained? You are, used to, all this? I venture, you were lost without him," "Why?" "did I Kill him?"

draculA Edit

"You seem at a loss, Gabriel.." "Who Said that?" "My alter ego, are you There?" "It is painted black.." "Black paint, you're wealthy now?" "Not white, they are?" "Your teeth.. commoner then, you are." "These are common teeth?" "Who are you waiting for?"

reference also, for yourself,

Lords of Shadow: Castlevania the video game

Castlevania series ept,

Dracula, by O.H. McKillop online

Van Helsing, by Hugh Jackman also (the prequel to Lords of Shadow the game, mentioned above)

Hellsing, tv series animae

and that monster's beginning in, Black Butler kuroshitsugi