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Crown prince Charles Xaviour

King Simba

Fuck youu! What? Are you real? First of all nothing for a different sort of a world is going to tell you how old I am yes, I'm actually building a lot of information just for this I'm surely, there to telling you where you are, to knowing what was hang on I've got to add, of England, just now, alright, anyhay, love it forrit, he's there that you'd know he's got a name he'd have to have inherited,

the sovereign called the Crown Prince, is always called Charles, Charles Xaviour, and that's a good thing to know gets spelled Xavier sometimes, wrongly, but there, know there was never any reason not to think we could have these worlds changed for where you are, and what was, to know who you could be yourself in, it's important for you to study up on what good and proper England is, and if you'd love to know what, Charles was, to anyone in the royal family, know simply that he shares a mother with Pallas Athena the Crown Princess, who's

called Princess Diana, but there was a real life to that she's had that title, princess, because her children are sovereign crown prince and princess. She'd have it from either but she has it from both. Unrelated to that, I'm related to Chase Weston our 007 present,

that's Bruce Wayne, king of England, we're brothers by blood, and there standing, I'm his ward too for standing among the gaels, which he is king of, so surely, live away from it for a while, live a lie and tell you who you are, that this was

Prince Charles of England, who is King Simba in Africa, there more remote was he Ramses in Egypt, and Jamaica, and of a legend you don't have to know, but should, was he, alive, or, risen, that this was dead, and that I was brought

alive, did you think? Resuscitated, or think, maybe of, it was soul death, that killed me, and either way Zelda is impossible, the first of her station an avatar, she made herself, you won't get a world we're in without magic, you've been in the dark ages this is, an era to enlighten you well enough for good. My cousin, I married when I was a toddler, we were in love, and I was kidnapped later, and tortured, and I'm here, back from literal exile in rocky canyon hells.

She can sense me, but she tapped the avatar state on her own, to kall me back to life? Basically, if I don't say it in a really good poem, no one believes me and she's a new avatar anyway, but I did die, and the next was born. Surely, that means three. My wife is Queen Nala in Africa, including Egypt which, you know, is cool? Come on, we're,

we don't go, to Ravenholm.

Honiker McKillop, O.H. Salem, novelist online Edit

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