Batdog(canid animal breed) Edit

Batdog breed information

American Staffordshire Terrier is a Pit Bull is an American Bulldog

So you're not going to Start finding reasons to class a weight, hair length or eye color, for anything in humanity, they're not sameways they're animals.

It's called a batdog because they're very, bad dogs. It's not unlikely you have a mutated warthog who turned evil, but it's still a warthog, or more normally a dog, so we know he's good. But so Batdog, like ACE, Bruce Wayne's dog, Terry McGuiness's, is a normal pitbull, but they each look different.

This is going to be something like a mastadon, is one, an ox. Do you understand what it looks as an animal? They're very friendly and cute, but they have too much pain strength to not piss you off, how is that fair? Well, I don't know, why's he look like that?

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